Metris Select kitchen mixer with mechanical button

Select your Shower Pleasure: new kitchen mixers

Use Metris Select and tackle your kitchen chores with gusto

Hansgrohe dishes up some new masters of the kitchen: with a true flair for designing good products, the Black Forest shower and mixer specialists are playing their part in the international passion for cooking. They are showcasing ultra-modern kitchen mixers for cooking enthusiasts. After all, wherever any cooking takes place, the focal point is the sink unit.

Now your customers can enjoy the fun that they have in the bathroom in the kitchen too: thanks to versatile mixers, different jet types – and the unique mechanical Select technology. Hansgrohe has collaborated with Phoenix Design to create sink unit mixers that offer kitchens a whole new look, combining functionality with ergonomics. However, these mixers also make working in the kitchen a lot easier, offering the user a sense of freedom and fun.

Metris Select: unprecedented freedom of movement at the touch of a button

On the Metris Select kitchen mixer, the Select button assumes control: press once – water on, press again – water off! This simplicity of operation means that your flow of work in the kitchen will not be impeded.

  • Sophisticated functionality: the lever handle remains open when the water is turned off, and the preset temperature and water volume remain constant. You can, of course, change the temperature or turn off the mixer at any time via the handle.
  • Added convenience: the Select button, which is located on the front, can even be operated while you're on the go. Your customers will find that even if they have their hands full, or if their hands are dirty from working in the kitchen, they will still be able to operate the mixer using the backs of their hands or their elbows. This keeps the mixer clean.
  • A plus for the environment: the Select technology does not require electricity or any extra equipment in the floor unit, because the button is purely mechanical. Moreover: being able to turn off the water so easily between work procedures also prevents unnecessary consumption of resources and energy.

Metris: extendible and adaptable tools for the kitchen

The Metris mixer, with pull-out spray head and ergonomic handle, makes working in the kitchen a real pleasure. It is really easy to switch between the two jet types: normal and shower spray. Whether you're dealing with vegetables or with crockery: the ample-sized shower spray is ideal for thorough cleaning; while the normal spray fills up containers with perfect aim. Metris has a modern look and is extremely user-friendly. The long handle offers hands, fingers, or even elbows, plenty of surface area for easy turning off or on and precise temperature setting. The hand spray can easily be gripped from the front and pulled up. As well as the 2-jet mixer, the Metris range offers a version with single-jet pull-out spout and a version with swivel spout.

Focus mixers – plenty of convenience at the sink unit

Hansgrohe is expanding its Focus kitchen mixer range by bringing onto the market a 2-jet hand spray for price-conscious customers for the very first time. The new Focus models increase the options for creative diversity in the kitchen: they offer tasteful, functional solutions for any environment, and suit all price ranges and requirements. The Focus kitchen mixer with high, rectangular spout is ideal for modern kitchens with clean, straight-lined furnishings. The high swivel spout guarantees plenty of clear space between mixer and sink.


The new masters of the kitchen


The cult of cooking continues – with functional, elegant kitchen tools from Hansgrohe

  • Metris Select kitchen mixer
  • Out of a rounded square, the Metris mixer body rises to become a round spout. At the touch of a button: two jet types.
  • Perfect to hold and perfectly designed: Metris single lever kitchen mixer with single-jet pull-out spout and swivel spout.
  • Metris single lever kitchen mixer with high swivel spout and ergonomic handle – suitable for all age groups.
  • Multi-jet: Focus single lever kitchen mixer with 2-jet hand spray and swivel spout.
  • Plenty of convenience at the sink unit: Focus single lever kitchen mixer with swivel spout.
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