Axor Urquiola bathroom floor plan

More individual character in your bathroom – bathroom planning tips

From the purely functional wet cell of former times, the bathroom has progressed and been turned into a living space where we spend lots of time. Better quality of life, a new feel-good culture and a yearning for peace and tranquillity are all factors that now pervade the bathroom. And since everyone defines “feel-good” differently, bathroom planning requires increased individualisation. 

The holistic bathroom

At Axor, ideas are exchanged between renowned designers and architects to produce many different types of feel-good areas – adapted to fit different lifestyles, room conditions and the aesthetic feeling. Going beyond the mere product and its pure self-cleaning functionality.

A homely atmosphere with the right materials

The right materials also contribute to a sense of “feel-good” in the bathroom. Cosy elements such as wooden floorboards, large windows and warm lighting create a homely atmosphere. 

Discover Axor's feel-good rooms, and let yourself be inspired while planning your bathroom:

Axor Starck Organic bathroom.
The organic minimalist bathroom creates a contrast between powerful shapes and sensuous materials, and is ideal for a variety of different room sizes.
Axor Citterio bathroom.
Design the bathroom as a place of relaxation which is capable of meeting even the most demanding customer requirements thanks to its level of comfort and its select materials.
Axor Massaud bathroom
Natural materials and a warm ambience create a place of tranquility and retreat
 Axor Urquiola bathroom
Bathroom inspiration from Axor: create a communicative space where bathroom and bedroom are interconnected.
Axor Starck bathroom

A place of retreat from our hectic world

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