Innovative technology from Hansgrohe.

Inventive genius

From innovators, spray researchers and technological masterminds

Around 30 percent of Hansgrohe's sales revenue is generated from new products no more than three years old. This high “vitality index” makes the Black Forest bathroom specialist one of the sanitation industry's leading innovators. Hansgrohe brings a wealth of sophisticated innovations, technologies and design concepts to the market. That is all thanks to extensive research, a close customer relationship, good ideas and creative minds. Hansgrohe's innovative strength can also benefit your business. Highlight the plus points when communicating with your customers.

Innovations from Hansgrohe can provide you with key selling points.

  • The latest products from the Hansgrohe and Axor brands are not simply beautifully designed. After all, that goes without saying. Their design goes far beyond their outer form. It's really a combination of creative uniqueness, high-quality inner workings with great functional features, ease of use and experience. All of this makes for the durable “Made in Germany” quality.
  • Innovative technologies from Hansgrohe offer real added value. Whether it's intuitive jet adjustment with Select, automatic hot water savings with CoolStart or AirPower – which involves water jets enriched with air.

Top priority is given to customer requirements and satisfaction

Hansgrohe fits the product to the person – rather than the person to the product. Therefore the Black Forest bathroom professionals are constantly addressing the issue of what customers want and need. The company has been manufacturing timeless, future-proof and reliable products for more than 111 years, using its great expertise and extensive market knowledge. It currently has around 16,000 industrial property rights.

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